Monday, March 2, 2009

Do you ever wonder....

how *empty* your life might feel if you only had ONE child?

Both my not-so-littles are off w/ a friend today. (A wonderfully nice lady who has offered to help/take/teach them on many occasions & I finally took her up on it & They LOVE her!)

It just made me think how life would be if we had been single-child-parents w/ JUST our oldest.

We'd have a *spare room*, like we did when we first moved in here. Our tv would be in there & not the living room. Things would be *neater* in my house as far as cluttery-ness goes & right now it'd be basically a home of *adults*.

I think even my oldest, despite the age gap, would still be pretty lonely.

Wow...I hope when they all grow up they have children quickly so I can have grands around & my home won't feel *empty*....also despite all the quilting I will finally be able to & have time to get into. lol

Even our dog is crying for them, looking out the window.

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  1. I have wondered that before...and I know it would be so quiet...and I'd miss them. I do hope mine end up staying "near home" so that when they DO have families we get to be part of their lives.

    :-) Susan


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