Monday, March 2, 2009

Registery ugh!

Yesterday & today I finally went to register....

Sunday was AWFUL! What a nightmare! Plus I was rushed but WHY do they only have ONE employee working the registry counter on a WEEKEND? kwim?
I jsut needed to get those little cards to give to my MIL.

Went back today to actually register for *real* items...
I feel guilty for being flippant & putting the Nintendo DS (handheld) on the registry ONLY because S saw & instantly got SO excited not understanding what this whole *registry* deal is & thinking we were going to actually GET those items or people were REALLY going to BUY us what we scan. kwim?

Maybe it would work if that was ALL I had on my registry. kwim? Cause I am rebellious like that.

SO I went back today & ONLY was able to hit 1/4 of the store & ended up w/ 123 items on my registry.
123 items of WHAT? I have NO idea really.
But each & every item seemed to make sense @ the time. kwim?

I think it was mostly various lotions, washes, (all natural) & then other various things that I never knew they sold there like mouthwash, toothpaste & toothbrushes, for adults. lol

And hardly anything that I really, really wanted. I chose a sling, not the wrap type but a solid sling, no rings, hopefully it will fit & work well.

I told MIL people could order ONLINE & DH just started LOLing @ me when she replied EXACTLY like I already KNEW she would; that NO ONE was going to go ONLINE & shop!!! arg!

@ least I scanned a car seat. An infant one & then I found a 3 in 1, bigger & bulkier but it made sense to me to get that, it goes from infant to the booster, kwim? But do I WANT the infant one to be able to carry him? IDK You tell me, please?

DH didn't think we'd need an extra base for the infant one...Has he REALLY forgotten how CONVENIENT that is to have 2 bases? I mean SERIOULSY! Even L had 2 boosters! DUH! lol

I was like: do YOU want to be the one to UNDO it each & every time? UNLESS he's *trying* to make it hard sot hat we NEVER trade cars....cause the lease is up & eventually (any time now) he will be getting a *new* car. We HAVE too cause the lease is up & we owe more then the car is now worth. Don't remind me---> consequences, consequences, consequences!

How big/small should my registry be?

I know I scanned 2 diaper bags. I scanned one then DH pointed out one he thought was *nice* so I just went ahead & scanned that too. I couldn't tell if he was just trying to point things out or if he was showing a preference. kwim? It was that same confusion that led me to become a scanning maniac to begin w/. kwim? Cause I already had some preconceived ideas of what I did & did NOT want...then all of a sudden he'd make a comment & felt obligated to scan items he was pointing out. kwim?

Initially I said I wanted the *theme* to be *frogs* so he was then pointing out EVERY single thing that had a frog on it. kwim? Trying to be nice, ya know...but I was only referring to bedding...or the baby shower decorations. But now I don't even think I want frogs...IDK I didn't even get to the bedding area!!!

I did scan some cloth diapers they had. I know they won't be DSQ but I have to make due...hopefully if people are willing to buy me enough, it could work well enough.....who knows what can and/or will change as baby grows & then I can afford to buy real ones online....

Have you seen those gdiaper systems? I think it's kinda funky but they are *flushable* or *compostable* disposables? But they require a cloth/plastic diaper cover. Weird. But the covers said you can use them for cloth diapers so I scanned a bunch of those....they didn't even have any nicer cloth diaper covers except *plastic* pants, which are just awful! I hate those! anyway...

I think I may just HAVE to go back again! sigh.

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  1. Your registry looks fine. ;-) A couple of cloth diaper tidbits for you - the diapers that you picked out work just fine. That is what we use on our kids and no problems at all. We keep 4-6 dozen in out diaper stash. The covers that picked are wonderful!! Bumkins covers and Happy Heiny all-in-ones rock!!! Totally check out Ebay for those. They are WAY less expensive and you can usually find tons of them on there. Also, if you google them you will find online stores with free shipping and great prices/selection for them too. We love our cloth dipes. Okay, so I love them. Jim.. not so much but he let's me have my fun. :-)


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