Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Everyday I wake up...

and wonder if *today* would make a good birth day....I say it out loud....how does march 24th sound? How does it roll off the tongue?

I am having LOTS of contractions today but NONE are consistent & NONE seem very strong for *anything*. sad {sigh}


SO no this is not an announcement or even false alarm...just *wishful* thinking. lol Grin2


  1. He's on his way.

    My mom always "scared" me into abstinence by telling me stories of her labor experiences. Oh yeah, the "Miracle of Life" video I saw at the beginning of high school, straight up, freaked me out even more. My dumb teacher made us watch the "beautiful" part twice. I can still hear the screaming.

    Are you doing the natural, holistic birthing process w/out an epidural? LoL

    I'm not going to push my availability for assistance but, you know that it's there...especially if you have a late-night labor.

    I am reminded of that Carole King song, "Winter, Spring, Summer, or Faaall..."
    "Tapestry", you have to get it.

  2. March 24th would have been a GREAT bday...it's mine, LOL. Praying for you in this season of waiting.


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