Friday, March 27, 2009


Nothing to report here on week 38!

I asked my not-so-littles if they wanted to come to the hospital when I go into labor, if it was night time, or they wanted to wait @ home. Birdy responded that she wanted to be *surprised* so for me to tell her I was going to a a meeting, then come home w/ the baby! lol

I didn't quite understand her rationale on that.

Then when they were going to bed, I asked them if I go into labor do you want me to wake you up to go to the hospital w/ us or let you sleep....they responded, quite adamantly that I should *wake them up!!!* I guess they changed their minds?

I'm tired but I think it's simply because I have been staying up way too late & I honestly think that makes me have a restless sleep. Otherwise, I must confess, this pg has not been all that bad. Tired more than usual & ever before but that's it. That can also be from my lack of physical activity & too much carb intake. Prolly need more protein.

My weight gain is the most EVER...trying not to dwell on it because it IS still within normal & recommended weight gain for pg. But still...kwim?

Even my sciatica has not been that bothersome. No nausea in the beginning...just major fatigue! I really can't complain. Thank goodness I have had an extremely helpful & understanding DH home this time around.

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  1. I am getting so excited!!

    :-) Susan


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