Monday, March 30, 2009

Yay for cloth dipeys!!!

I finished a doz cloth dipeys! It wasn't as hard as I initially made it out to be. I thought it would be easy...once I started it was more challenging then I estimated...then I REread the online directions & voila! Much easier!

It helps if you read directions thoroughly & not just *skim*. heehee Lesson learned...hopefully.

I have been gifted w/ a couple packages of disposey diapers. I appreciate that...for the beginning especially. I was also gifted w/ a dozen prefold cloth diapers! SO grateful because then I don't feel so pressured to rush & get more made before baby is born.

Not only am I trying to save $$$ I don't even have, w/ the cloth dipeys, but I *seriously* prefer cloth diapers. No, really. It's really NOT hard to keep them up. They don't require so much extra washing care as
people think. I have it fairly simplified over all.

I found a tutorial onlinefor making the cloth diapers, using sweatshirts &
T-shirts...right up my upcycling alley! I had some flannel fabric that I used on a few, for a cute backing, then used strips of sweatshirt for the middle thickness & lined the other side w/ upcycled t-shirt! The worst part was the cutting! I hate cutting fabric anyway, so this was nothing new. lol

Would you like to see some pix?

I'll be using the flannel scraps I have left over for homemade baby wipes. It's too easy *not* too. I simply fold them into a double layer & zig zag around.


  1. Excellent!!! I love cloth way more too. Levi is wearing his right now. ;-) They don't take much work and in the summer, they are fun to have on the clothesline. I know I'm crazy. It just makes me feel all domestic. lol. The disposies are nice to have handy as an emergency stash or in case they will be in the care of someone who won't change cloth, but we rarely buy them. Happy diapering to you!

  2. Very thrifty! And I used cloth diapers for my first baby! I loved them. But then when Zoe was born there wasn't a diaper service around anymore (and I had no idea to make my own or do my own - duh). So I used dispoables. That's so cool! I'm watching for the birth announcement.



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