Monday, April 6, 2009

After thoughts

I really have NO complaints.

The labor went quickly which was a blessing.

I felt really good afterward.

Today I feel really tired but I think that's simply cause it's so hard to sleep @ the hospital.
My bum is a bit sore today but not too bad.

My stomach is *still* really *high* up. Weird. Seems like baby never *dropped*.
Gained the most weight & baby is smallest? I expected him to be bigger. lol Guess I really was eating for *me*. lol

He's a *great* nurser, much better then the other 3 were @ first. He's REALLY nursing good. SO far he seems very bright & alert & calm, over all.
He's *skinny*....for being 20 in long & just under 7 lbs....I was surprised how small he was, really...& such a sweet, tiny little head.

He's got great color. His eyes, of course are that newborn grey but I really think they will be brown like the rest.
No bald headed babies ever here. lol

Dh seems SO involved too this time...wanting to hold him ALL the time. Definitely different.
I am finally realizing this is OUR baby. lol Took me a few hours though to get used to the idea.
I kinda felt disconnected but I know it helps to hold baby as much as I have been & I feel more connected. He's just SO sweet.

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

The weather was gorgeous yesterday & bright & sunny today. I wore my dress home & was still bigger then I expected (LOL) but that's ok.
It's supposed to rain Tuesday night then for a few we'll see.

4/5 is a good date.
I don't know what they base this on but his apgar score was 9.9 (out of 10 right?).
His color is good.

Those cloth diapers I made...are NOT going to fit him for awhile, I think. LOL
He's got quite the tiny bony rump! lol

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  1. I am nervous and excited about meeting him.

    I love your play-by-play of the events and your thoughts.


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