Monday, April 6, 2009

His Birth Story I guess I *must* be tired because I got online earlier & just didn't have the mental capacity to post anything. lol

So here we go...blow by blow...

Woke up yesterday morning, as usual, to go to church, except earlier. Felt a contraction that was undeniably *different*. Just *knew* this was it but I doubted myself anyway so I didn't tell Big E. Lil E was still out of town, btw. Posted to you all...forced myself to take a shower. Knew I'd regret it if I didn't. SO GLAD I did. I woke DH up right before I got in the shower...that was 8:40am. Told him to get the kiddos ready for church.

Tried to time the contrax but as I had posted yesterday, just could NOT keep track of time. I was wearing my watch, would check the time...then when next one hit, just could NOT remember what time the other one had hit. kwim? Seriously.

Finally when they were 1-2 min apart, DH was like: I think we should go to the hospital. I did not like that idea & thought it was still too early. Was afraid they'd put me in a bed & I'd be stuck there for hours, uncomfortable & tempted to get drugs that I really didn't want. kwim? BTW: *this time* I was smart enough to call my SIL *before* I went to the hospital, prior to births I called her on my way & she missed them both, I was done by the time she got there so I never got nay pix or videos.

SO we head off to the hospital...when I got there I was VERY glad DH had insisted we go cause I could now tell my body was simply operating under the command of: DOWN & OUT! As in everything inside was moving DOWN & OUT! kwim? My mil & fil were there. I believe it was around 11am.

Prenatal triage is on the 2nd floor. Made our way up there...stopping along the way cause I could not walk through the contrax.

It took a bit more time then I expected @ the front counter....I was thinking the entire time of my *rehearsed* line: Last time I was here I had the baby within 20 minutes! Thinking if I did they would believe me....well I did not say it...

So they set me up in a triage space w/ instructions to get/give a urine sample & change into a hospital gown. Things were getting even MORE serious & I could barely move to try & change.

Once I did I notice fluid dripping...w/ a bit of blood. I could *not* give a urine sample. Naturally they told me to get up onto the bed. Not what I wanted but @ least they were patient to wait until the contrax gave me a break.

Then onto the bed...I felt disappointed & was afraid I'd be there for hours more. The contrax were *really* beginning to become unbearable & they were putting a baby heart monitor around my stomach which just felt irritating to me, but whatever. Eventually @ some point they wanted to *check* me & said they *thought* I was maybe @ 6-7-or 8 cm dilated but she couldn't tell for sure & they felt the bag bulging & baby's head. I thought my water had broken or already sprung a leak since I was having fluid come out???

DH was trying to tell them my labors are pretty quick but I don't think they believed us. They wanted to put an IV in. What for? They said to help manage the pain, I told them I did not want anything for the pain...then she said, ok it's just fluids. I did not have the energy to fight about that or question her any more. The contrax were really, really serious & I felt emotional about it & was crying a bit through them.

I guess my body knew how I felt because as a person attempted to put an IV, she said my vein blew ??? SO she went for another bright vein on the back of my hand...same thing. I have very *good* veins so this was *weird*.

A bit later someone else came & they told her to get my IV into my other hand...that hurt SO BAD! I think she hit the bone or something...I think that made me cry a bit more.

She apologized...NO IV though. Finally they were taking me to a L & D room. Yay! I actually get to be in an actual Labor & Delivery room this time.

All this time DH has been letting me keep a death grip on his hand during contrax & telling me positive things like I'd doing great & such...

They wheel the bed I'm on into the L&D room & they *insist* I have to get into this other bed. NOW I've gotta PUSH!
I'm starting to feel frantic....& like I have to go the bathroom. iykwim. Of course they tell me NOT to push. But it's really too late to say that. They want me to get onto the other bed but I gotta PUSH & the contrax are not gonna wait for me to change beds. SO A nurse CLIMBS up onto the other bed to try & help me move over onto it. Somehow I manage to roll over onto it & scooch over all the while I can feel my body pushing....

I am flat on my back. WHY? But it's too late to really care....I push & the nurse is like WHOA! & puts her hand on my body as baby's head is coming out...LOL...I guess trying to hold him & I back??? lol The CNM is NOT even there. Now that I think back over it...I realize I basically did this ON MY OWN, anyway. lol The CNM kinda runs in & is like WHOA! as I'm pushing his head out. NOTHING is stopping me & I am NOT waiting any longer. NO one is even holding or supporting my legs or anything. Then I push again & he's here!

SIL tells me that baby was born inside the amniotic sac...still intact, the CNM peeled it off his face & body...but it was like tight on his body & he did not cry, open his eyes or mouth or anything until she peeled it off.

Birth time recorded as 12:02pm!!! It *seemed* so much longer @ the time....

Whew! I'm already laying back....I pretty much had one had on the wall next to me & my other is holding DH hand. He's telling me how great i am. I feel shaky & just really out of it.

There's a baby on my belly & I lazily put my hand on him. I can't believe he's SO TINY!!!! & I feel nothing emotionally. I can't even believe it but I don't even feel shock. I just feel very out of it.

I see DH cuts baby's cord. I feel emotionally NUMB. I'm shaky.

Eventually they move baby to clean & weigh him. I did think a few thoughts & start saying aloud how great I am, to myself. How good I did. DH had been kissing me & telling me how proud he was of me & how great I did too, right before that....I was kinda thinking what for? I think I was confused or didn't realize baby had been born or I don't know what?

Eventually they put him on me again to try & nurse...he's SO TINY! I can't believe it!!! And it all doesn't seem real yet.

Eventually we're moved up to the 5th floor & Sam & Birdy are finally allowed to come in & meet their new baby brother. (Lil E is still not back yet) They are SO in love!!! They don't want to stop holding him & Birdy keeps suggesting he needs a diaper change so she can HELP!!! Heart

More pix after they upload....


  1. Absolutely WOW! I am in awe of you.

    I'll still hold off for a VERY LONG while...heck yes, I will.

  2. Amazing...i love that you have such a precious story he'll be able to read and see someday when he's much bigger ;-)


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