Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Our dog is ALSO pg! We weren't exactly sure. I was *hoping* she was just eating extra well & gaining weight...

Well it's pretty undeniable now. She's *wide* & she waddles. My youngers are trying insist that we will NOT get rid of (sell) the puppies. uuuhhh...yah right cause 4-6 puppies & a new baby is just what we NEED right now, right? LOL

I am only going to sell them to fund getting our male chihuaha fixed!!!

So ALL proceeds from puppy sales will go towards....the FIX RICKY FUND!!

They should be pretty cute though....being daschund/chihuaha mixed. lol

I'll post a pic of her cute pg self soon.....I still can't get over the fact that it takes me 9 months to produce ONE offspring while it only takes ehr about 2 mos to produce 4-6!!!! kwim?

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