Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No joke!

I *really* thought last night/this morning was going to be IT.

I was having some pretty strong contractions, the kind that wrap all the way around your middle, front to back. When I stand, it stimulates contractions. If I went for a few laps around the block...maybe I could force the issue, but when I would sit down, things would settle.

But last night, I already *was* sitting down. Eventually I went to bed, thinking, well if this IS it, I better get some rest...I fell asleep. They stopped. I was awakened a couple hours alter by a strong contraction, got up to use the restroom & didn't have any more & promptly feel back asleep. {sigh}

Not htat I really want my baby's due date to be on April Fool's Day! No way.

And guess what...our dog is *expecting* too. I wasn't sure @ first, thought maybe she was just *eating extra well* & gaining wight. She is clearly waddling now & *wide*. Lovely!

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  1. Wow! Talk about the waiting game. I'm glad you're blogging. THis will be great for your son to read when he is all grown up!


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