Friday, April 24, 2009


I have been approached a few times by strangers since K has been born & all I've gotten are positive responses. It's so neat & encouraging. The comments aren't just "cute baby" comments either.

The first was a woman @ Target. She went on & on about what a blessing children were & how when it seemed everything in the world was so awful & she had no money, her DH was out of work, she could simply look @ her baby's face & all seemed well in the world. She *got* it!!! It was so encouraging.

The other day I was in Walmart & baby was starting to get fussy & an elderly couple were walking by. They smiled & asked how old K was (2 weeks). They oooohed & aawweed over him a bit then the Dh said sincerely: Lucky you!

Then a few days ago, we went to the LB Port & a little old Asian lady approached me to stare @ baby. She smiled broadly & said (in Spanish?) God Bless You!

The gifts haven't stopped yet either! It's so crazy. We are so blessed & K is so blessed. It's just crazy!!!

I wasn't sure how people would respond....I've heard horror stories from 'larger families' of getting negative comments about the size of thier families or their children not being welcomed...

We are by no means a 'large' family but we are a bit above the norm now. lol Plus given the circumstances...but we have received nothing but blessings & positive comments, love & support from friends & family. It's such a blessing to be surrounded by so much love!!!

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  1. I'm SO SORRY I missed out on the birth and all. I'm here to catch up and tell you that I am SO happy for you all!!

    :-) Susan


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