Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scary semi-crisis

Getting all ready to do some sun prints w/ the middles. S is getting a clipboard from the entertainment center...I'm sitting right here on the couch nursing baby...

Something falls, I recognize the sound as glass...I am thinking something broke, Sam starts immediate thought was that this glass candle in a jar thing fell on his foot & broke & he's gonna over react & I'll tell him it's NBD!

Then he turns around & starts SCREAMING!!! I forgot the candle was LIT!!!!!! He's got wax all down the front of his shirt & his arms & neck, up to his ear/jaw. He's screaming, I JUMP up w/ baby. For a minute i don't know what to do, BUT my brain is assessing the situation. Birdy is about to cry, S IS crying. I tell Bird to go get daddy, run! RUN & get daddy RIGHT NOW!!!!!

She goes out, he was in the back. I try to help take off his shirt, one handed of course...but I wasn't sure how quickly the wax was cooling & was afraid it might burn his face too. kwim? We get it off. He had wax all down his chest from his neck/ear. He's stopped screaming & he's crying saying: what do i do? I don't know what to do!!! I've taken him into the restroom to @ least put his arms in cool water...thinking i can peel it off? But i am not sure how burned it may be underneath...dh is not in yet.

I go to the back yard & hear dh sauntering over---so I know bird did not convey the severity of the situation. (he told me after she knocked on the door, waited for them to tell her to come in, then told him calmly: mom needs you) I SCREAM dh name & then i hear him say he's coming & he's kinda running now. I quickly explain the sitch & that i wasn't sure what to do cause his skin looked kinda red on the back of his hand as I was peeling it off, I started to cry but dried it up quickly so ds wouldn't see...kwim?

DH went in & calmly helped him. S was calm by then. Peeled most of it off & his skin was fine...then put him in the shower to get the rest off. Poor lil guy was so scared---& so was *I*!!!!Then I realized to make the shower warm so it would soften & come off his neck easier...& it did.

His chest looked a bit red in spots, only like a mild sunburn...NBD But geez!!!!! Give a momma a HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't even know how it fell. It's a solid surface, the candle was a good size to be steady & secure...very strange!!!! I know what *I* think about it though...we seem to have a *history* of fire in my family....generations!

ETA: & now my jogging stroller has wax splatters all over it too!!!

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