Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crash Course Ministries?

Another car accident this evening, right in front of our home. This is not unusual. Quite common actually. Normally there are no injuries. This one sounded pretty big & one car had it's horn stuck, it was very loud. Some bystanders eventually disconnected the battery to make it stop.

It looked a little more serious so I called 911. I saw my neighbor going out there, usually we just look. That indicated to me that it really could be serious. On my way out the door, I instructed my ktbunch to *pray*. They did.

I went out there but naturally brought some bottled water w/ me. (my cure-all!) My neighbor appeared to be comforting a woman. The woman was very emotionally distraught & I think going into shock. My neighbor thinks she had a broken arm. As soon as I arrived to her I felt like I should pray over her.

Finally I had an opportunity & I asked her if I could pray over her & she said yes, she had just come from church. She was very scared so I mainly prayed for peace over her. I really felt bad for her, she was shaking & crying.

Afterward, when I was talking about it w/ a friend, she seemed to think it was odd to have so many accidents in that same spot. I realized too, that *all* the accidents have been on *our* side of the street. Something spiritual? I don't doubt it.

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