Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Got a minute?

WOW! K is ASLEEP....& not in my arms. It seems like since he hit the 1 month mark...it's all coming together. Funny how that works huh?

Starting around 7 pm or so he seems to start to get a bit fussy. I've realized he's tired but does not know how to fall asleep w/o *me*...attached to me that is. When I move him he wakes up & fusses. Last week I also started taking him for walks in his stroller & he seemed to enjoy it somewhat..he'd cry a bit & eventually either quiet down or fall asleep.

So tonight, once again, same thing....I'm sensing a pattern here. lol So DH offers to take him for a quick walk, which was super generous because DH knee has really been bothering him this last week. When he returned K was fast asleep. I expected him to wake up any moment...it was 8:05pm. We left him in the stroller.

It is now after 10:30pm & he is STILL asleep! PTL! I was able to finish a sewing project, a gift for a friend, do some dishes & now blog! woohoo. My arms miss him though. ;-)

Is it crazy that I'm seriously considering strolling him into my room while I go to sleep & wait for him to awake? lol Any new parent or parent of a newborn knows exactly how I feel! lololololol Desperate much?

Now, I *am* a bit worried that this means he might wake up, middle of the night & want to BE awake. kwim? But I'll take my chances. I should have taken more advantage & hopped into bed @ 10!

until next time.....

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  1. Stroll him in all you want. You deserve it!



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