Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the Bird's day!

Thursday is Birdy's 7th birthday! Wow! (& one week later is S's) Our D-land passes are blocked out for her birthday so we decided to go today. It was crowded but it was ok.

But man...getting out of the house is so NOT streamlined these days! Between packing a bit of a diaper bag after searching all over for the back pack one, snacks, finding keys, the baby wrap, a sweater in case it gets chilly, a water bottle, grabbing my make-up to put on in the car, nursing baby one last time, stopping @ the store on the way for extra snacks cause no one packed any after all, then having to drive back home cause Bird had a hole in her pants....sheesh!

It's summer time so it was packed. Not so bad but still. Bird wanted to go on Splash Mountain. She hasn't had a chance to go on it for awhile since it had been cold last season. It was certainly hot enough yesterday. S does not like that ride, it doesn't have seatbelts you know! lol

We decided that the next time we go: 1) we will NOT go during peak time ie: middle of the day, we will go in the evening so we can see the new Fantasmic show, the fireworks & the Electrical Parade & 2) we won't bring the stroller. Baby prefers arms anyway & when it's crowded, it's hard w/ a stroller.

We will prolly go back next week for S's birthday. & we are going to renew our passes. So Cal residents can now pay monthly. SO that's really cool.

For her actual birthday...I'm just not sure...I know she wants an ice cream maker...since Christmas, but they don't sell them during winter. Go figure! I like to *make* her something but she doesn't seem to excited about that....not sure if I'll have time anyway....sigh.

I thought about inviting a few friends over & just letting them swim in the pool & having cake...but @ the same time...{sigh}

We'll see.....

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