Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sammy boy!

Almost double digits!!

He turned 9 yo today! I can never believe it. He is such a sweet boy. Sensitive & all boy! We went to Disneyland to celebrate of course! ;-) He was able to get a free giftcard from Disney & he bought this spinning light up toy thing & a Yoda back pack! He was so careful & choosey about what he wanted.

He wanted to get *me* something...but I insisted that it was HIS day & to use his card on himself. Anyway, I told him, when it's dad's birthday, dad can split his free gift card w/ me. lol I will end up being the only one in our family who did not get a free disney gift card for their birthday---it was a block out day. Boo! :-(

We waited until later afternoon to go...hoping to avoid the majority of the crowds these days. It paid off. It wasn't empty but there was room to move. lol We went on Pirates, as usual & the line was only 10-15 min. Then we sat & waited for Fantasmic. We were there 3 hours early, but you need to be to get a seat--on the ground. lol But while I sat, DH took the middle-not-so-littles to finish *shopping* w/ S's gift card. They came back w/ ice creams...yyyuuuummmm.

Big brother then took them to the Tarzan tree house for awhile. So the wait wasn't so bad for them. After the Fantasmic show, we stayed put for a pretty swell view of the fireworks. The middles had not seen Fantasmic, @ least not that they could remember. There was quite a funny moment when Bird got the spinner toy twisted & stuck in her hair....just as the tag cautioned could happen.

I'd like to go back again in an evening & let them see the Electrical Parade...they've never seen that either.

He's turned into such an easy going boy. A gentle spirit that is eager to please. He's really learned to hear & recognize God's voice too.

He's started city baseball again & he LOVES it. I'm glad he does cause I would have no patience for it otherwise. lol It takes up a lot of our summer time. He loves the practices & the games. He almost talks non-stop about them afterward. He says he has so much fun! I'm glad. Lately he's also been saying how he just feels so much *joy* in his heart! :-D I told him he was being blessed w/ the joy of the Lord, he agreed.

I am SO blessed to be his mom!

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