Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Morning ER!

DH & I went out to run an early morning errand. While we were out SIL called to tell us FIL** was in the ER because he woke up vomitting bile then blood!!!!! We got there as soon as we could.

Getting accurate info is always hard & minute by minute. Oldest sil was trying to keep everything censored & under control too. Some family members did not want other family members to know certain things because they thought they would be too upset. One of FIL sisters? nieces? (can't remember relation) almost passed out @ one point over some news. :(

FIL was not in any pain & said he felt rather fine.

BUT the initial reaction by the ER doc (s?) was that things were very grave & DH said that doc made it very clear that FIL would not make it past 48 hours!! They needed to find the source of the bleeding & they wanted to do an endoscopy? putt a camera down his throat BUT they said that procedure alone could kill him!!! ???Everyone was so upset & emotional.

He was scheduled to have his first chemo treatment tomorrow. The ER doc made some sort of statement to DH & oldest sil like: you didn't really think the treatment was really going to do anything, did you? He vomitted more blood while he was there..the docs suggested DH & sil start calling all the family together.

It was SUCH a deja vu of my mom. I remember she went into the ER @ one point but was totally non-responsive & I remember thinking that was the end...once they admitted her she suddenly was alert & much better but it did turn out to be the beginning of the *end*. kwim?

So it's up & down w/ info & emotional drama. I felt semi-useful in the sense of trying to be a comforter, support, encourager & listening ear or shoulder to cry on for the 2 younger sil......

Then general practitioner/family doc came in & the tone changed....confusing, but he seemed much calmer about the whole thing & had an attitude of it not being so serious or grave. They still needed to stop the bleeding & find the source....but he said something that implied FIL could possibly go home tonight. I finally went home w/ baby & took my little niece too.

DH finally called & the endoscopy revealed the source was a stomach ulcer...not life threatening. But now they are still working on getting it to stop...fil recieved a blood transfusion while he was there. & the plan is that he is going to be admitted for the night @ least..........we're still unsure if he is going to receive tomorrows chemotherapy treatment or not.


**FIL was diagnosed w/ liver cancer a few weeks ago & was/is scheduled for his first chemotherapy treatment tomorrow. The treatment itself is life threatening because of where the tumor is located. The treatment could cause liver failure.**

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