Friday, July 24, 2009

Predictable obstacles

I took another training run today. I realized @ a certain point in my route, I always feel like stopping. I feel like it's too hard & I just can't keep up the pace. It seems to be in a predictable spot in my route. I don't really know why it happens @ that particular spot but it does.

Life can be like that sometimes too. A predictable obstacle comes along & we want to stop! The route seems too hard to continue. Something triggers us & we *think* we just.can't.go.on! If we can recognize these predictable triggers--can we do something about them? Is there something in our life that we keep bumping into that is holding us back from staying on God's path? A trigger? A wound, sin, unresolved issue?

While running I know sometimes I have not prepared my body for the task @ hand. It's a familiar route, it's not a distance or run I have not taken before. SO why the struggle? Am I dehydrated? Jesus is the living water. Just like I need to have proper hydration through out the day, I need to have proper spiritual hydration as well. More when it is especially hot or dry outside...equals more when we are in living *heat* or dry spiritual weather.

Did I stretch, before or after? We must flex & stretch our spiritual muscles in preparation & afterward to avoid injury. It takes time & we might feel limited in our time but it is SO important.

About that route we're taking....who's route is it anyway? Is it the route we are supposed to be on? Did we choose an easy one when we should be challenging ourselves on a harder course? Am I running flat trails when I need to be on hills to be properly prepared for the race? We have to look @ the course map to know what ther ace entails & how to properly train. We must make sure we are on the route God wants us on or we're wasting our time.

to be continued...

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