Tuesday, July 21, 2009


aka Elimination Communication. aka Infant Potty Training.

I'm taking this up. We're on day 4 & this is going so much better than I imagined. Seriously! I'm totally hooked. It's so easy. @ least I have made it very easy on myself. As soon as he wakes up...to the sink we go. We make faces in the mirror & laugh & sure enough....psssss! yay!

The warm weather is also making it easy because baby can be half clothed w/ ease as I watch for signs. I am not stressing msyelf out about it. There are many misses but they are near misses.

Yesterday we were out & about. I wasn't sure how that would work. I just *knew* he had to go but I wasn't able to get to him on time but when I did check his dipey--sure enough, he had *jsut* gone!

This is also such a self confidence booster as a mother too. Confirming how much I really do know my child/baby. And it's actually a lot of FUN!

Not to mention the diapers I am saving each time I get a catch.

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