Friday, July 17, 2009

sleep? what! sleep?

Hopeing not to jinx myself but baby has effectively been going to sleep around 9pm or so last few nights. Seriously. I think we may finally be settling on a routine. Although...I think I may also remember this same thing happening w/ last baby (current 7yo) & all my hopes getting dashed as soon as she started cutting her teeth in.

I will enjoy it while I can. This week we have been trapped in our home due to some house painting & have had to have teh windows closed. So we ahev been running fans. I think the fan noise seems to really help him sleep. wierd. But hey! whatever works right?

I do think he is beginning to teethe for reals now too. Instead of just sucking, he is really gnawing or biting down on my knuckle now. Hope it doesn't get too bad for him.

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