Tuesday, July 21, 2009

God in our DNA

It's interesting...I believe S has dyslexia, he really struggles w/ reading (but has shown major improvement this past year) & his learning style is clearly auditory. I can see where it over compensates for him to learn & retain information (he relies on *hearing* information because he does not trust his reading the information). The interesting part, is that through this possible learning disability--is the same way he *hears* God.

I never put it together before. But God uses our very core, our dna, our preferences & even learning styles (what some could call a *disability*) to speak to us as well.

In the same way my dd love language is clearly touch, God uses that love language of hers to minister to others. She is not afraid to touch people & pray for them or to touch people & minister to them, such as the elderly & infirm.

It seems obvious to me now, but I never put it together before. Love languages or learning styles never seemed, to me, to have any spiritual significance....until now.

How could I have *not* realized that every aspect of our personality is designed by God, to be used by God for his purposes.

I retain information that I *read* better than if I hear it. I more of a thinker than a feeler. God speaks to me in thoughts and insights through reading his word. I don't ever necessarily *feel* God.

It was such a lightbulb moment to realize that even a perceived disability is designed by God. That God would use even that, in my own son, to minister to him & to use him to minister to others. He takes it very seriously when told or asked to pray & listen for God's voice. And he really hears him too, accurately!

My dd love language as well...God uses that within her to minister to others. She loves to care for elderly & rub lotion on their arms & hands, or the sick as well. She was never afraid of visiting my grandma when she was in the care center & always wanted to rub lotion on her. I beleive God has given her that love language to heal & minister to others.

I am continually fascinated by God's unique design of each of us, in every last fine detail of our lives.

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  1. What an awesome perspective! Thanks for sharing. I needed that today. :)



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