Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's the rush?

I can't believe he is 4 months old. Seriously! Why does time have to move so quickly? Is it ungrateful to miss that cuddly, snuggly tiny babe?

I enjoy every phase of my children's lives...but newborns! aaahhhh....need I say more?

The ECing is still going strong. I really love it. We even EC'd @ Disneyland last night. woohoo. He seems to enjoy it much more on his little potty than me holding him, like I did at first.

The babe can officially roll over too. I was starting to fear he wouldn't cause he was always in arms but I began tummy time on a blanket on the floor. It wasn't long before natural development caught up. He's also sporting the old-man-going-bald do! Yes, his hair is falling out, like mine, but he had a full fluff on each side by his ears. Too funny.

He loves his voice, is drooling up a storm (a flood?) & his tooth buds are really obvious now.

What sweetness, to love this child.

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