Sunday, September 6, 2009


If I ever get a tattoo, I think that will be it. lol
I did it. It was a challenge no doubt but I did it.
It was not easy but I did it.
I. did. IT!
Looking back I can say it was pretty FUN! All along the race course route were highschool cheerleaders, highschool bands, a mariachi band, polynesian dancers, 4H club members, girl scouts, employees and characters in the parks and regular spectators cheering for family and friends. The cheering and encouragement meant SO MUCH! It was amazing. My girl friends seemed to like running through Angel stadium the best because of the crowds cheering, but I liked running through Disneyland the best. That *is* why I signed up, right? ;-)
The last mile felt like 13 by itself! The spectators cheering meant so much, especially when they said MY name. (it's on my bib)
I stuck to my strategy of running between water stops & walking through them. Towards the end I walked more but didn't give up. My time was decent for an amateur: 2:53. Less than 3 hours.

Once I got out of the finish que & reunited with my family...I immediately needed to nurse baby K. I don't think Ive ever felt like a stronger woman than in that moment.

Run 13.1 miles and breastfeed baby! Can you get more female than that? haha.

I refused to take off my medal all day. I earned it, I'm wearing it! I'm proud of it.

Tami, me & Jen


  1. Wow those metals are awesome!!! I wear mine for a day or two. When else do youget to wear a metal ya know!? You deserve it!

  2. Great job. You are an inspiration for sure!


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