Thursday, September 17, 2009

Growing, growing, growing...

like a WEED! haha!

He finally had his 2 mos check-up--yes he's 5.5 mos old. He was *lost* in the system & once he was found it was another month before he could get in to see the doc.

He weighs 15 lbs 4 oz! He's doing well rolling over & pushing up when he is on his belly.

Last week he cut in a beautiful new pearly white! No more chewing on my knuckles..those baby teeth are sharp!

He received 3 shots today & is *not* a happy camper! He is the most fussy he has ever been. The baby tylenol helped. I was glad he @ least, got out of 1 shot, because he was too old. I am not %100 comfortable w/ vaccinations but I am not %100 not giving them either. My compromise is for them to receive them later than recommended. I figure their immune systems are more developed and all that breastmilk has provided good natural antibodies & protection.

He went on his first camping trip last week. it wasn't so bad. I think he enjoyed the hike we took. He was in the wrap & didn't fuss a bit. He fell asleep after awhile. Everyone commented on how *good* he was--never hear him cry. He didn't sleep so well the first night, but who would on that hard ground? He did better the second night...too bad I didn't.

The EC is continuing & worked great while camping. Even more so since he was mostly 'in arms' the majority of the time.

he will be starting solid foods soon....the doctor said no eggs but I recently read egg yolk is good for babies--a good 'fat'. Doctor also said after 6 mos he can basically eat *anything*...really? hhhmmm...interesting.

Speaking of food--have you walked down the baby food aisle lately? Gerber has this expanded line of baby/toddler & preschool foods--totally disgusting! It's a meal in a box! Basically a tv dinner for a baby. Naturally they call it healthy! yuck! It says NO preservatives...ok well then HOW do you *box* vegetables? O! you put it in a 'pouch'? barf!

And I know inexperienced moms are going to see those & probably feel *good* giving it to baby. :(

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