Monday, September 21, 2009

It's fascinating, really

how much my baby is developing and how. The other day I was speaking to him in a happy tone BUT he was *not* looking at me. He could not see my face but he smiled and got excited. I realized he was processing what I was saying and his brain was recognizing it as a positive tone with out him even needing to see my face! I find that pretty amazing.

I never realized before how their brain processing is also developing auditorily. You would think that by child #4, nothing would be 'new' or exciting any more right? but NO! I'm seeing even more fine details that I never noticed before. We are such fascinating creatures. The way we learn, develop and take in the world around us. each aspect more fascinating than the previous.

Baby K is practically sitting up now. He can for a few seconds before slightly leaning over and then falling over. O! We visited a friend the other day who's youngest is 1 year old and also loves to scream. So guess who has picked up this *adorable* ear piercing habit? yikes! Another fascinating part of development--imitation? I guess he's a fast learner. :-)

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