Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hope is never lost!

I'd been having a pretty tough few days. 

THEN---I believe it was a SIGN: the most amazing thing happened:
the middles had collected some caterpillars from the passion vine. They ALL died. One had started a cocoon but  it looked like it died half way through making it as part of it's body seemed to be sticking out & was all black. EEEWWEEE.

IDK why I didn't toss the jar earlier.

BUT THEN Sam came in & was so excited to inform us that he just found the NEW BUTTERFLY on it's cocoon. It had just worked it's way out!!!

It had NOT died after all. Sam is the most sensitive about these things so it was SO neat how gentle he was & excited about the butterfly.  He had it in his hand & it was gathering it's strength opening & closing it's wings but wasn't ready to fly away yet.

And I PERSONALLY felt like it was a sign from God. Hope is NOT all lost--even if it looks like everything (or hope) is DEAD!!!

It is interesting to note that even after the catepillar had undergone it's transformation, it still had to open and close it's wings, gathering strength for it's new life, it's new journey. He was able to hold onto it for quite awhile.  We finally placed it gently on the passion flower vine to begin it's new life. When we checked later it was gone...

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  1. Beautiful post. I needed to hear it today. Thanks KT. Praying for you and your family.


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