Saturday, October 3, 2009

17 years!

I can hardly believe it myself. I've been having  a personally trying time this past week, so our anniversary wasn't anything particularly exciting...

But it is exciting to think we are so close to the 20 year mark! I am looking forward to some 'breakthrough' & hoping for positive changes to come our I imagine for our next few anniversary's, we will be in a much better position to celebrate.

We went to Disneyland, of course, but this time we took the whole family.  Usually we spend the day alone together celebrating.  It was quite anti-climactic. We could barely get out of the house. We discovered we had a flat tire & that needed to get fixed before we could go anywhere. That must be our 3rd or 4th flat in just about as many months!!! Seriously!

Then it was *really* crowded.  We went on ONE ride? The kids went on one too...but we saw the fireworks which was nice.

They had them themed for Halloween. The one ride we went on was Space Mountain.  It was extra dark & they had fresh new graphics for Halloween. It was pretty scary looking. It was this flaming, ghostly, demonic looking *thing* that is trying to grab you through out the ride. It's simply projected on the walls but it's not a face you want to go to bed thinking of.  (or have your little ones thinking of)

We spent our time waiting for the fireworks talking with this guy we met & his teenage daughter. That was probably the highlight of the evening. (I'm such an extrovert! I'm always so energized after visiting w/ people.)  We wanted to see Fantasmic but it was just too crowded. We are thinking we might go back some evening this week just to watch it so we can see the big dragon. lol

I did have a fun time gathering a bunch of old pix of DH & myself & putting them all in one album on my Facebook. It was a nice short trip down memory lane. I even started with our wedding picture...we were so young.... :-D

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  1. HA! that guy WAS the highlight of the trip.
    I've never met such a cool guy in my life.


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