Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blessing in everyday life

I browsed a craft fair at the local park today. So many wonderfully talented crafters. One really stood out.  She made aprons (full and half) from ties. Her work was fabulous and pretty.  While at her booth, I complimented and commented on her wonderful work. I asked her if she had an ETSY shop and encouraged her to get one.

As I was chit-chatting with her it occurred to me that the compliments and business well wishes I was giving her were blessings.  We use blessings at church, offer blessings to others in prayers but what an epiphany to use blessings in every day interactions.  I had told her I hoped her business did very well and she sold a lot of items. Duh!  I had just blessed her.

I wondered how powerful it could be if we blessed others, *all* the time, in our everyday interactions, not just while 'doing church'.  If we represent the 'church' and Christ, we can access all our spiritual gifts and use them, most definitely, outside of church! We may need to alter our language a bit to not scare people, but a nice word of encouragement and well wishes work just as well if intended to show Christ's love with sincerity.

We could offer blessings to local businesses we patronize in our community.  Let them know we sincerely hope their business does well and prospers.  Sincerely wish them well.  Don't we want that? Don't we want people to be prosperous? I think we do. :)

Go bless a stranger today!

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