Friday, October 16, 2009

Hell Week!

You know, that week for football players right before the season officially starts? That's pretty much how it was last week. My poor babe! He screamed & cried & kicked *every* time I would put him down, even if just to change his diaper.

When he woke up one day w/ tons of mucous running out of his nose & no longer fussing, I realized, he must've been having a sinus headache all that time!  Sheesh! Finally I had my babe back! I was worried there for a minute.

He's got 4 teeth now too. How fast huh? He's got his upper two & his lower front two. I can't believe it myself. I was looking forward to getting a few shots w/ just his first front two. Before they were all the way in, the top two were coming through.  He's such a cutie though, I won't mind too much.

He doesn't want to eat baby food! Then it dawned on me, maybe he wants real *feeling* chunky soft food, right? I gave him a small spoon tip worth of rice & beans. O! The look on his face! He did not like the texture of the rice & he stuck his tongue out & spit it out immediately.  I've been letting him gnaw & chew on chewy breads like bagels..but I read that grains aren't really too good for them at this I don't know what to feed him besides continued nursing.

All he will really take is bananas!

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