Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First illness...

My poor babe!  He's had quite a fever now for the past few days. Today I noticed a rash too so it could be Roseola. Poor little guy is obviously not feeling good.  He's not really crying just making whiny noises and it's just so sad.

I've been giving him tylenol and it seems to help for awhile.  Otherwise, today, all he wants to do is 'pretend' to nurse.  The good thing is that he is sleeping a bit better.  Of course all I want to do is hold and snuggle him and make it all better...but alas, there are so many things to do plus I'm not feeling too great myself. {sigh}

It's unusal but I've been able to just lay him down in the bed and he will sort of roll over half way and go to sleep. I know the rest is good for him. The nursing is also the best thing too so I've cut back all 'real' foods for now.

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