Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I missed him

Last night lil fella slept in his own bed for the first time...only for the first half of the night though.

Then I think he was punishing me for it the rest of the night because although I took him back into bed w/ me, he did not sleep well @ all.  I don't even know why I put him in his bed...guess cause it was in our room staring @ me for the past 6 mos? Or maybe it's cause baby rolls all over the bed & ends up sideways & I am afraid he will get smothered by a blanket? Or maybe it's simply cause *I* feel so squished on the end (ahem *edge*) of the bed.

I must admit I really could not get to sleep w/o him near me, wierd I know. Sometimes he has woken up and I see him simply put his hand on me and go back to sleep.

I have not been ECing any more during the night...which may or may not contribute to him waking up more. I am not sure. I have just been too tired so I just nurse him...but somehow I think he sleeps better (less restlessness)  if I *do* take him potty.

O! and hey! I finally got him to eat avacado today...I simply had to cut it into chunks NOT mash it up. He took quite a few bites that way. Yay.

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