Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Haze

Once again a crazy making week produces fun results.  I wasn't into Halloween that much this  year but we all love to dress up.  Nearly last minute, inspiration finally hit!

We somehow decided Birdy would be Lil Red Riding Hood and S would be the werewolf. Oldest decided to be a 50's Greaser and baby K would be a froggy. How to implement everything on a limited budget? Heck--on NO budget?

I dug through my fabric stash & searched google images for inspiration.(first pic on the left) I found the sweetest LRH costume and was determined to recreate it to the best of my ability. I started with the cape, not to hard to manage. I had some cheap faux velvet.  Then the skirt, I had some thin red corduroy. We pulled out a white button up shirt left over from a few Christmases ago.  I went to my favorite Ribbon Store to stock up on some eyelet lace trim for less than $4. Found a bit of black velvet in the stash for the vest look up top. No basket but we scored a free trickRtreat bucket from Michael's Arts n Crafts Store.  I attached the white fabric apron to the skirt and made it a tie on wrap skirt.  It ended up a wee bit too big, but you'd never know.

Here was the finished product: 

That was the best shot we got--it was sunny and hot, but she looked great.  This pic was taken early, the ribbon in front actually went up much higher up on the shirt.

Our werewolf was having a hard time deciding how he wanted his werewolf to dress.  He finally decided he wanted to focus more on face makeup. I have a professional theatrical make up kit. He did want furry hands though. (I had some black furry fabric in the stash) Oldest got the brilliant idea to make the furry gloves fingerless. He actually sewed them once I pieced them together. (it was a family affair!)

He then wore a Tshirt, ripped jeans, a suit jacket he had and his regular converse.

DH ended up doing S's make up and it came out fabulous!!! Thank goodness cause I never did that well in my theater make up class.

Later we painted his nails (claws) black.  Oldest was able to pull his costume together with a basic white T, a pair of blue jeans, and his black converse.  We added the appropriate touches like cuffed jeans, a black leather jacket some uncle had given him, a crayon box folded up into the sleeves of his T to represent 'cigs' along with a white crayon by his ear.  I did have to help him do his hair. heehee.  I especially loved the curl we did in the middle of his forehead.

{pic to be added}

Baby K, well he was just the cutest frog EVER!!! I crocheted him a green froggy head beanie.  He didn't really own any green clothing except a onesie and that just wouldn't do for an Autumn night.  We found a green pair of leggings on clearance @ Target for less than $2 and a green long sleeve shirt with a green frog looking monster on the front with the words FEED ME for $4. So his total costume cost was $6!!

I did not have a chance to whip out anything for myself.  I ended up feeling almost fluish anyway.  We spent the evening w/ friends, which was nice cause the Wife made some delicious chicken soup and chili.  We carved pumpkins, the kiddos decorated cup cakes, trickRtreated and played.
I am still impressed that for 4 kids & 5 costumes (DH was working but he was a werewolf too), we spent under $10! 


  1. I am so impressed! Those costumes are great. I wish I were creative and crafty.

    I always take the high road and feel bad when I've overspent to make up for my lack of creativity.

    How inspiring....thanks for sharing.

  2. You are simply amazing! They are adorable and the costumes are perfect.


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