Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Review

By the Numbers:
7 unexpected visits bearing gifts and/or food
6 people in our holiday pix this year
5 dollar last minute gifts
4 turkeys
3 pix with Santa
2 sides of the family
1 pre-holiday melt down
0 freezer space

Another Christmas has come and gone. It was great. It was not so great. One thing that was the same was God's faithful provision. I don't know why I worry. We had many, many, unexpected visitors this year providing full holiday meals for us. Yes, we ended up w/ 4 turkeys! We only kept one. I simply didn't have the space. It was good though cause I was able to bless others and we hosted our first Christmas day dinner.

My ktbunch received more gifts and toys than they know what to do with. The generosity of others was over whelming. Some were complete strangers. It was a joy to have Baby K included in our festivities this year too. With the showers of blessings we received--what could be 'not-so-great'?

The underlying but obvious fact of missing my Father-in-law's presence this year. For me personally, it was only reminiscent of the year I loss my own mom--so not as deeply felt directly. More so felt and experienced indirectly. It was dramatically different.

DH and the kiddos gifted me with an Ipod Shuffle this Christmas. I never would have gotten it for myself. I never would have expected I'd like it so much either. It's tiny and pink & absolutely perfect and quite motivating to get myself up in the morning to take a walk or run. I totally LOVE it.

I thank God this Christmas for the generosity of others, especially my church friends--that are really family.

DH & I hosted our first Christmas day dinner. It was nice, even though everyone was over an hour late...{sigh} Once everyone arrived, it was good times filled with laughter and joking around.

A few times this season, we braved the chilly night weather to go Christmas light looking in our neighborhood. A favorite tradition of mine. We got lots of use out of our crochet beanies, scarves and fingerless gloves! We enjoyed many hot cups of cocoa and tea, children's Christmas television specials, home baked cookies and minimal decorations. We had a big, fabulous tree for only $25 bucks! As always we also enjoyed our annual visit from the Santa Train at my Mother-in-Love's house.

I rediscovered ScrapBlog and produced a Christmas Season one. I LOVE how it turned out. I ordered my first photobook from it. (slightly different from what you can view below). I'll update with a review when it arrives. I hope you enjoy it. :-) (best viewed on full screen)

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