Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Forget Diapers!

Baby K absolutely, totally, completely, will NOT sit still for diaper changes. I am seriously considering going all in w/ the EC & going diaper free. It's too frustrating to wrestle w/ a near 9 month old just to change a diaper.

I procrastinate changing him cause it's so exasperating. Not sure if it's a discipline/obedience/training issue. He just wants to be moving, pretty much, @ ALL times. He only sits to eat or in his stroller--IF the stroller is moving. lol

Forget trying to dress him either. Unfortunately the weather is still cool. He needs to have some clothes on while crawling the hard wood floors. I give him a toy and it distracts him from the task @ hand for about thirty seconds before he's flipping over and attempting to shimmy down the side of the couch. I am not even exaggerating.

{sigh} I LOVE this child.

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