Friday, December 4, 2009

In other news...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know--that was last week, right? It was the first major holiday since my Father in Law died. ugh. I was not looking forward to what was sure to be an emotionally draining day. More draining than emotional for me, personally. This isn't even addressing *my own* extended family drama that I have purposely avoided writing about this past year, either!

Everyone had decided to celebrate Thanksgiving at my Mother in law's house this year. Normally Thanksgiving is not an extended family event on my husband's side. This year it was though. No one wanted MIL to have to be alone. That was thoughtful.

We get there and I don't remember why but I was really tired which was making me cranky. We were all hungry because we were supposed to have been eating our Thanksgiving meal already but we had to wait for LATE family members. Not too fun to skip a meal and extend hunger for hours. I was napping in my SIL room when my middle-not-so-little burst in to tell me some 'news'.

I JUMPED up and ran to the living room! WHAT!?!?!?!

After my initial inward jealousy---I was SO excited to hear. The entire atmosphere suddenly changed in the house. Instead of an unverbalized but noticeable feelings of sorrow and emptiness there was overwhelming JOY & excitement. WHAT? (I think I screamed!) Positive energy filled the house with laughter and happiness.

What could overshadow the loss? What could possibly replace the overwhelming feeling of 'something missing'?


My husband's sister is having TWINS!!!!

Is there anything more refreshing, more symbolic of Hope, than the anticipation of new life? Just as God sent his own son, the Hope of the world, symbolized in the birth of a baby, a fresh new life that would conquer death. So this wonderful news, given on Thanksgiving day, represents a new Hope. For a family still in mourning, still experiencing deep grief, we have this wonderful gift--a double gift, to look forward to!

I am so unbelievably excited! I can't wait to find out their genders so I can begin to make sweet gifts, crocheted beanies and booties, soft sewed shoes, cuddly toys! SQUEEEE!!!! I'm THRILLED!

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