Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big News!


I can hardly believe it myself but...DH agent always sends him out to SAG (Screen Actors Guild aka: actors mafia union) auditions, even though he is not a SAG member...

Well, this time it was worth it! He booked a Wells Fargo SAG commercial. It's called Taft-Hartley (you can google it--good luck!) when you are not a SAG member & they use you--but he will now be able to become a SAG member. This is a HUGE step & praise report.

This will open the doors for him to now get a 'theatrical' agent, which is an agent for tv & film. His current agent is only a 'commercial' agent. SAG can have a higher pay scale plus residuals. This commercial is in English too, which will be more exposure. This will also create more opportunity to actually DO tv and film gigs.

He got the call while we were at church. It was so exciting. It was a little bittersweet for him because he was unable to share it with his dad. { :( } Towards the end I was able to share our PRAISE report with our congregation, then our pastor and his wife (who is also an actress) prayed over us. It was so neat to be able to share this awesome news, as it happened, with our church family.

Living the Dream, living the Dream! SQUEeeeeeee!!!

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