Friday, January 29, 2010

BTW: Update

Remember that Scrapblog post? I ordered a printed version of my online Scrapblog.

It arrived very soon after order & it's FABULOUS!!!  The size is great: not too big, not too small.  Quality was fine.  I ordered the soft cover not the hard cover & I just love it.  It was $14.99 @ the time of purchase & I had a code for free shipping.  I can't wait to make and order more.  The price can't be beat.  2 thumbs up here!  I also created mine using all the *free* tools & digital scrapbooking supplies they had.

I highly recommend using their site.  I also *highly* recommend using the QuickMix feature.  It saves tons of time & mental creative energy while still allowing you the freedom and flexibility to personalize your creation.  It will automatically plug in your photos to a themed kit of your own choosing.  The only draw back is that it does not plug them in chronologically, but once they are in, you can rearrange them manually with little effort.

It saves so much time to do it that way.  You can also edit your pix, and rearrange elements, add journalling etc.  I recommend taking some time to familiarize yourself with the features before you order your final product.  You can also purchase complimentary digital scrapbooking elements to add to your QuickMix even though it does come with a nice set of coordinating backgrounds, stickers and premade page templates.

Try it today!

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