Sunday, January 31, 2010

17 is so magical...

Oldest celebrated his birthday last night.  It's always fun when your party can land on the actual date, right?  He had a pretty funtastic birthday, if I do say so myself.  He had a live band.  A friend of his has a band and he asked if they could play for his birthday...well of course.

Yah it was pretty darn loud.  It was the highlight of the evening.  I think they all felt pretty proud too when we realized some police were on their way, we suspect, to shut it down, even though it was barely 9 o'clock pm! They only played a few songs before they were done anyway.  We had the fire pit going for awhile, it was chilly. And I made chili too. ;-)

I also made a pretty cool, although amateur cake, I must say.  Oldest decided he wanted a 'robot' them and told everyone to wear a Tshirt with a robot on it.  I thought I would make a robot cake.  I thought I'd just make a generic robot using basic shapes but then decided last minute to just look up a Star Wars themed looked simple enough from the pix I found online.  I baked a few cakes and cut basic shapes, rectangles, half circles and a rectangle.

We shut the night down with a little bit of Karaoke.  He wanted his dad to do an improv show.  DH was confused on the dates and was working.  He planned on performing when he got home, w/ some friends, but it was just way too late by then and there were only a few people still here and we were huddled in the house keeping warm...but maybe next year. :-)

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