Thursday, February 18, 2010


I received a 'Benefits Termination' letter recently.  According to our 'fictional' income they were reporting--we no longer qualified for any benefits.  I had been honest (as usual) & reported that my husband received an actual paycheck + an unemployment check since it was a temporary job.  Their system reports full unemployment payments automatically so it was as if we had received 3 paychecks.

I called the case worker--of course she knew nothing about it & referred me to call a different worker who actually had my proof of incomes in front of her.  When I called her--she said she had entered the info in correctly but the system calculates the full unemployment incomes anyway--& referred me back to my case worker.

When I got a hold of her again--she did not seem to understand why I disagreed w/ the letter & told me to come in, in person to prove my limited income.

So I did.  She printed out a 'report' from the unemployment agency that was NOT matching the dates or amounts of any of our unemployment stubs.  She asked us why they did not match. I have NO idea. I;m thinking: YOU work for the government--YOU TELL ME! aarrrggg!

She even commented that from his ONE paycheck, w/ 3 people in our family, she already knew we did not qualify. uuuhhhh...we have SIX people in our family!!! She finally said we needed to go to the unemployment office and ask them to print out a new report that shows the proper information because she is obligated to go by the report the computer printed out. (eye roll)  Our income was reporting as $57 over the limit therefor we were losing almost $400 in benefits.

We left and I felt defeated.  I did not know what to think.  Was God trying to tell us we weren't going to need the FS anymore because He was going to provide the work necessary for my husband to provide for us? OR was this a way for satan to discourage us and block God providing for us through this system?  I did not know.

Later I was telling oldest about it and how I didn't know if I needed to keep fighting or what.  Oldest responded maybe I needed to let God fight it out for me. I said sure but *I* am the one that needs to give proof of income--NOT God.

As soon as we got home from having this conversation, I checked my messages and there was one from the case worker.  Turns out she was reading a report from Dec 2008-Jan 2009, THAT was why the dates and amounts weren't matching up.  She also said she spoke w/ her supervisor and everything would be fine....AND then I received a letter and we are getting even MORE benefits!!!

How great is God or what?  I really felt that God clearly answered my questions about how he was/is going to provide for us during this time.

He's my hero once again.

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