Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's February.

My most favorite month. Why? For Valentines! LOVE it.

Problem is all my love this year is more emotional than practical. hohum! What's the deal? I did finish a fabulous Valentine Garland. Since that picture was taken, I even added sewn hearts hanging from it and perfect pom-poms also hanging from it. I'm pom-pom challenged so I broke down and bought pom-pom making rings. Yep. I did.

I also have some gifts I should be working on for friends...

Today, I brushed out doll hair. It's possible to detangle the worst, nappiest hair. Really. I googled an old link and found what I was looking for. Just as I remembered...all it took was some overnight soaking in some Downy fabric softener, a fork & then some brushing. Good as new. Well almost. ;-) They do look fabulous though, really.

I've been having some minor health issues so I've changed up my diet. ugh! I'm doing no sugar (well besides what's naturally found in *real* foods: ie: fruit) and low carb. Meaning no breads, pastas, potatoes or white flours and grains. Then it's raining which is total comfort food season, right? I'm eating lots of hard boiled eggs. The first week was murder. This is the second week and I started off strong. Then it rained again...

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Legend holds that Disneyland is nearly a ghost town on that day. I decided the kids and I were going to check it out ourselves and see if it's true. I hope so. Oldest will be spending the afternoon @ a youth group viewing party and he needs to bring I think I'll get up and make some brownies or something. Way to tempt myself huh? 8-/

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