Thursday, March 18, 2010


My oldest got his driving permit today.  Interestingly enough, when he was younger I felt *strongly* that teens should not be allowed to drive. I thought I would not allow him until he was 18.  Well, he's 17 and a pretty responsible & good guy.  I realized I could change my mind.

He was able to take driver's ed this year.  Now he will fulfill the behind the wheel portion.  

He actually failed the written test.  He wasn't devastated or anything by it.  He knew he wasn't really prepared, it was spur of the moment.  He missed 1 too many.  The lady told him he had failed but then sent him back to 'correct' his test, just one question.  He did, then she handed over his permit.  HOW does stuff like that happen to him? I never catch breaks like that! lol  My brother was the same way.  Where ever he went, whatever he did, he always caught a break.  People were nice to him.  It's as if grace followed him wherever he went....

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