Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moving On...

Well, I finally got that FASFA finished! That's right...University!  Nothing more to do but wait, wait, wait.  I got my application turned in on time last November.  I ordered my transcripts on time earlier this month. All that was left was to file our taxes so I could input our financial information accurately on my financial aid form.

I did call to check on the status of my transcripts and was surprised to hear that the one from the community college had not been received yet? Yikes! I even put a RUSH order on it. I am hoping it simply means it is received but not recorded as received yet. I ordered it the week before the dead line but it was a holiday never know what could have happened.

I am not scared but I do often wonder HOW am I supposed to do *all* this.  Doesn't it seem like I can barely take care of what I have on my plate right now? I keep asking God to please take care of me because I know that I know, that I know, that I KNOW I can NOT do this on my own strength.

I also keep wondering WHY I am returning to pursue a theatrical degree.  Oh not because I don't love it, but because theater requires a LOT of extracurricular time, outside of class.  I am wondering if I can change my major once I get there? I would love to be involved in theater again. I chose that major with the hope that all the work I did *years* ago will still count, therefore I won't have too much more to do to earn my degree.  If, for some reason it does not count, I will look into changing my major.

I am also beginning to seriously look into submitting written works for publication. Doesn't that sound professional? ha!  What that really means is that I would really like to turn some of these blogs into a published article and I checked out a gazillion books from the library that promise to tell me everything I need to know to get it accomplished! haHA!  I also checked out books related to improving my writing.  That's always useful for everyday life anyway, isn't it? Maybe only if you are interested in writing regularly...LOL

I'm sure uses of net acronym lingo are NOT part of the acceptable writing process. ;-)

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