Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Herb Bouquet

I love to celebrate a friend's birthday just like the next girl.  I prefer to really make it personal and sentimental, so often I will cut flowers from my own garden to create a personalized bouquet. There are many other occasions, besides birthdays that call for flowers as the perfect 'gift', such as a time of sympathy and heartfelt grief.

It was such a time that I realized an idea that presented an even deeper personal touch: an HERB bouquet!  A friend had just lost a baby in utero.  There weren't really any words to convey my condolences.  My flowers were not in bloom yet...what to do? what to do?  I did have several small bushes of herbs growing.  I looked up their meaning and began to gather them together.  I incorporated their meaning into a written blessing on the back side of a homemade piece of paper.  I attached the small bouquet of the appropriate herbs across the front with ribbon.  It was unique, sincere and felt just right.

This is also another way to be frugal.  Many times, regular flowers may not ye t be in bloom but herbs can be used with or with out their flowers. Herb fragrances can't be beat either plus the recipient can enjoy them longer if they use them when they cook.

Here is a list of herbs and their meanings to get you started.


  • Basil = Love
  • Bay = Fame
  • Chamomile = Wisdom
  • Chervil = Serenity
  • Chives = Usefulness
  • Dill = Good cheer, Survival
  • Fennel= Grief, Endurance
  • Lavender = Devotion
  • Marjoram = Joy
  • Mint= Refreshment
  • Parsley = Merriment
  • Rosemary = Remembrance
  • Sage = Wisdom
  • Santolina = Virtue
  • Savory = Interest
  • Scented Geranium = Happiness
  • Sweet Woodruff = Humility
  • Tansy = Hostility

  • Tarragon=Permanence

  • Thyme = Daring

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