Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How was *your* day?

I drove to the dr's office for a nurse visit so K could get his 6 mos shots. (he's 11 mos) It was too early--it had only been 4 weeks & it needs to be 6 weeks since his last shots. (I remember asking them that initially & they said it would be ok Duh )

I went online to electronically request my college transcript--but if you do it online you MAY need to send in an authorization form--they do NOT know if you do or not when you order it, they will not know until they begin processing so then they will MAIL you something that you will need to physically sign & mail in. Duh Figured that defeats the purpose of trying to save time & do it online.

I drove to the college to request my official transcripts. I forgot my wallet which has my drivers license as proof of ID.   Head Bang

Went online to make an appointment for DS @ the DMV for his learner's permit.  Earliest available appointment is not till March 30th! AND his LP app needs BOTH parents signatures & it must be an original form. Duh  SO I drove to the DMV to get the app so I could have it signed & one of us can just take him in tomorrow. There was a line out the door...they do NOT have a kiosk or shelf JUST for forms! You MUST wait in that line to get to the info desk JUST SO you can request the form. I left.  Head Bang

Went to the market to use my WIC vouchers before they expire & go to waste.  DH ahd JUST bought milk instead of using the vouchers.  All the vouchers I had included milk on them AND the TONS of baby food.  DH decided he did not want to wait to get the baby food but rather come back tomorrow.   Head Bang SO we bought a few other items we were not there for instead. Then baby's little kimono shoe fell off & I walked that huge store TWICE until I found it. Thank goodness.

Went online to renew my library books yesterday.  ONE was due LAST WEEK!  Head Bang  Drove to the library to return them today.  All the ones in the bag had receipts with future due dates.  Head Bang @ least I returned the ones I was finished w/ anyway.

OH & I tried to finish my FAFSA online because today is the deadline except it requires your income/adjusted gross income info from your tax forms & we have not filed our taxes yet.

Haven't ran since those 2 days last week. {sigh}

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