Sunday, March 14, 2010

what a sweetie!

Baby K has a new sweet little habit.

He knows how to make kissing sounds.  He sucks his lips in on the sides, like a fish face and produces that kiss sound.  Well, the other day, daddy was walkin gby & gave me a kiss on the back of my neck as he passed.  I wouldn't have really noticed that it made the 'smacking' sound kisses make when he did it except from teh floor i hear K making the sound.

Then another time when daddy was leaving he kissed me goodbye and again Baby K noticed and imitated, again making his own kissing noises.

How cute is that?

I am so touched that love and affection are what he sees and imitates. Makes me want to fill my home even more with acts of love like kisses!!!

Oh! and he has a new tooth too! He won't really let me check his mouth anymore but I finally saw it.  It's a molar too, up top.  The one right past the eye tooth space.  I guess they get the fangs after the molar?

I can't believe he is really 11 month old!

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