Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CIO isn't SO bad...right?

That means 'Cry (or crying) It Out'. I am normally so *not* a CIO parent.  I'm usually more of an AP (that means Attachment Parenting) style of parent. Baby K is getting harder & harder to get to sleep....he nurses, pulls off, nurses, pulls off, rolls around, flips over, fusses....until eventually he falls asleep, with me by his side.  It's obvious he's tired but he doesn't seem to be able to fall asleep.

SO tonight, I put him in his bed and decided to let him CIO for a little while.  I did feel a little bad but @ the same time I felt he was old enough now, at 1 yo to be ok--or @ least not *permanently* damaged from it, right?  It was only 10 minutes before he was out.

I tried it a little the other night but daddy came in soon to 'rescue' him.  Daddy is not here tonight.  I think I will go lay down and read now.  I wonder what tomorrow night will bring?

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