Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Living the Dream

It was my birthday this past weekend.  We kicked off my birthday weekend w/ a show featuring DH @ the theater on Friday night.  The show before him featured Mo Collins formerly of Mad TV fame.  I wanted a pic w/ her, so my brave friend approached her for me, explaining it was my birthday.  Lame, I know.  A few minutes later DH is chatting it up w/ her because they *know* each other! Why he didn't introduce me to begin with, I'll never let him live down! Afterward we went to eat on the strip.

Saturday, my actual birthday, I attended a portion of a healing conference.  The worship was so blessed and incredible.  We planned to celebrate at Disneyland that evening except I did not realize it was a black out day! I was SO bummed.  My thoughtful husband got me a Singer brand Serger/overlock machine & that is exciting.  I can't wait to start using it.

Monday, another friend got us tickets to a live taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Show.  I was SO excited and told her how I LOVE Jimmy Kimmel.  She said she would see if she could get me a picture w/ him.  We were able to enter from the back of the studio, VIP style and lounge in the 'Green Room'.  As we were entering I noticed all these pictures of Jimmy Kimmel w/ various guests lining the walls.  Then it dawned on me--TRUE CONFESSION--that all this time I was thinking we were going to the Jimmy FALLON (whom I LOVE!) show! bwahahahahaha! ssshhh...don't tell Jimmy Kimmel though. ;-)

The guests were Tim Allen, the guy from J. Lo's new movie, The Back Up Plan (LOL) & musical guests Cypress Hill.  (so NOT a fan! but don't tell them either.)

While we were in the green room before the show we recognized this attractive woman...It was the actress that played Starbuck from Battle Star Galactica...who currently stars on 24 as Dana Walsh. I don't watch 24.  At the end, the audience leaves the studio to go to the outdoor concert and watch the musical guest.  Starbuck was right next to us...so our friend struck up some chit-chat with her and she let us take a picture with her.  She is SO much prettier in real life. She is pretty on television too but goodness. Her skin is A.MA.zing!

We talked shop after that w/ our friend's friend who works for the show.  He gave us a 'tour' of the control room where he directs the cameras.  There's a million monitors in there...like A.D.D tv!  He also showed us how they edit the musical guests performance....they have a brilliant editting program that gets the job done so quickly. {envious sigh}

Then we went to get a drink of tea for me....it was very cold.  The guy behind the counter asks me: "Do you think honey makes a good lubricant?" WHHHAAAAAA??? I am thinking in my head; why in the world would he ask a question like that? Ok, we *are* in Hollywood but...is he *trying* to make me uncomfortable? I mean WHO asks a question like *that*? kwim? I cooly respond, "well for what?"  He continues: "I don't know, I mean do you think it makes a good lubricant?" I respond: "uuhhh...no it would probably be sticky."  He continues, "cause I have these two dishes and they are stuck together." BWAHAHAHAHAH! He had stir sticks and a honey stick between the edges of the two pitcher like dishes that were stacked inside each other and was trying desperately to UNstick them. Whew!

It was quite a fun evening, if you ask me. 8-D

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