Thursday, May 6, 2010

Road Trip!

Some exciting news I hadn't gotten a chance to share yet......DH did a Stanley Steemer Campaign, which are really funny so if you haven't seen them, you should look them up on youtube. Weeeeelllllll, they are having their annual convention or something in July and they hired DH and th eother actor to make a 'guest appearance'!  He gets an all expense paid trip to OHIO to work 4 hours a day for 2 days for a *ridiculous* amount of money.

Naturally, I figured we'd make a family trip out of it.  I have an aunt & uncle that live in OH.  Oldest ds and I looked on the map---whoa OH is FAR! We figured if we're going ot drive 9 states away, might as well drive 2 more and see the Atlantic, yah?  We are also going to take some time to visit some dear friends in Tennesee.  Nope, it's certainly not on the way, but who cares?  We'll be all the way across the country, why not?

It says the drive takes 36 hours straight.  This will give oldest some relaly good driving experience. Plus I was thinking since he will be a senior next year, this is a once in a lifetime *family* opportunity. kwim?  His life is aobut to change and that means so will ours.  This may be our last summer for a family vacation like this.  Who knows but I am SO excited I can hardly wait.  Oldest was already telling me all the things HE wants to see like Chicago and Cape Canaveral. ;-)

We need to get the van tuned up and road trip ready.  We were already planning to take a road trip to OR this summer.  I hope we still do.  What's a drive to Oregon after a drive across the country, right? ;-)

Oh! and to top it off, the New York Times wrote an article about Stanley Steemers Ad campaign and also mentioned the ad agency along with DH and the other actor in the commercials, by NAME!!!! How exciting is THAT? huh? :D :D

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  1. AWESOME!! When are you going to be in OH? I'll be there mid to end of July. The trip sounds like GREAT FUN! I wish I could drive across the country!!




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