Monday, May 10, 2010


Whew! I'm glad THAT'S over!!!

Last week Baby K visited w/ his little buddy from church for about a hot minute...just enough for his buddies germies to latch onto him somehow.  There wasn't even enough time for 'lil buddy's' momma to even know he had the flu yet.  3 days later, Baby K wakes up from his sleep vomiting all over his bed. We wash him up, remove all the bedding & get him back in my bed--not before I put a towel under him JIC! Good thing because after a few minutes of rolling back & forth--BLUUUCK! Right on the towel. Yay! THen he went to sleep.  My stomach was hurting & I had chills off & on all night but I prayed my booty off.  I felt exhausted the next day & achy all over but that was it---so off to Disneyland we went.

Now, lil Buddy's momma reported that *she* was experiencing the 'flu' a day before K & I. By Friday everyone seemed good as new.  We had our regularly scheduled marriage group here @ the house.  The kiddos holed up in the other room playing video games like they usually do.

Everyone ahd gone to bed & DH & I were hanging out watching some tv when Birdy woke up vomiting all over her bed!!!  Soon after I heard her again----only to realize it wasn't her but Sammy--all over the restroom! First splattering the toilet, then his bed, then the bathroom sink!!! ugh.  After midnight oldest was joining in on the 'fun' & had a repeat exactly 1 hour later. I was praising God for bleach spray AND (honest) the fact that at least they were all having it at the same time. ANY mother knows what I mean here. Am I right?

Saturday night, Dh came home feeling fluish.  Birdy bounced right back like K.  S was pretty worn out.  Oldest had the full body aches, fatigue & even a fever. Sunday morning--Mother's Day, btw, DH was still knocked out. I made everyone the most delicious blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  DH skipped that.
For fear of risking exposing anyone else...we skipped church that morning.

Sunday night I went to church myself...I needed some God-time!!! (after ALL that--seriously!!)

Sadly, one of the husband's from marriage group reported his W had begun the vomit-trip that afternoon!
We've NEVER had a 'flu' pass through our ENTIRE family like this. Never! I am SO thankful for my super-mommy-immunity that I only experienced *mild* symptoms. Really.....moms just don't have the time & energy to be 'sick'--especially from something that can wipe you out like that! Am I right?

Take your Vit C!!
Oh! & Happy Mother's Day!

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