Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Watch out for that MOMMA bird!!!

The middles found a nest w/ 3 fuzzy baby birds in it, in a big bush in the back yard. Sam seems especially enthralled by it. He checks it every day now.

So this morning he went to look @ it & saw that the momma was taking a worm to the babies. Of course, he was all the more intrigued by that. But she saw him & she flew out (his exact words) "like a bullet" straight toward him & flapped her wings really wide & squawking--obviously trying to scare him away.

If that wasn't funny enough---it certainly didn't scare him...so then she came back & flew by him again & then dived bombed him in the head---actually touching his hair!!!!! Claugh

I told him he needs to give them space (I had already told him that) & to take notice of how that momma will do ANYTHING to protect her babies...even attack a 'body' that is 100x bigger than her! heeheehee!

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  1. I love this story...so true and so cute. Momma birds! Gotta love um.


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