Sunday, May 16, 2010

Houseparty Funness!

I won a houseparty from  I hosted it last night, it was sponsored by Kraft.  SO fun! You simply apply, if you are chosen they send you lots of free goodies for you & your guests.  This was a summer kick off theme.  We were able to sample new Kraft food products.  The Homestyle Mac n Cheese got the best reviews.  The Digiorno pizza & breadsticks were delish too.

The food products also included new deli lunch meats and these whole wheat crackers w/ cheese on them that are individually wrapped.  One guest commented that they would make good addition for a 'Homeless Pack' since they are individually wrapped.  There were also 100 calorie packs of cheese cubes.  Very convenient for 'on the go' or to pack in lunches.  Then there was the new Kool-Aid fizzy drink.  That is a fun product of course. ;-)

My party pack included beach balls & frisbees for my guests, as well as coupon books to try the new products, of course.  It also included 2 lime green reuseable totes and an apron w/ a cute Kraft Fresh Taste of Summer logo on it. 

I've been telling all my friends about this site because there are LOTS of various product parties.  I hope I win more, they have new ones all the time.  Such a great way to promote products! Everyone had a great time.

I set up the projector in the back yard and we watched one of my all time favorite flicks, a Bollywood Musical: Bride & Prejudice.  Great movie!!!

Go apply to today & win YOUR party!!!! :D

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